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Getting Paid to train – securing a position as an intern

  We often get requests from students or those with an interest in sports nutrition, they say it is their passion and it is what they want to do for the rest of their life etc.  It's great that they have found something that they are interested in and are passionate about.  Getting a job […]

Personality traits of winning entrepreneurs

  Personality traits of winning entrepreneuers This is from a blog post form an Irish guy called Chris Munch, I have purchased a number of his products he has some great ideas and is doing a great job marketing them. It's made me think about what I am doing, I have printed this off and […]

Convert your PowerPoints into cash

Sports Coaches and Therapists often have to give presentations as part of their job, either for the teams that they work with or other outside organisations.  It's a pretty simple process to turn that PowerPoint Presentation into a product that can earn you money while you sleep. All you need to do is to 1 […]

Marketing yourself online

There are a number of stages that you will probably go through or jump in at an advanced point when it comes to marketing yourself online. Letting people find you. This might be as simple as having your own domain name and a simple 2-3 page website on it. It's always a good idea to […]

upcoming topics- what would you like to hear about first?

Here is a list of upcoming topics I am going to cover. Your online subscribers = money in the bank-How to profit from your list Does the copy on your web tell or sell Basic website mistakes that Sports websites make How often should I contact my clients/subscribers Defining your niche to leverage your results. […]

Utilising You tube for Sports Marketing Strategy

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the best way to get prospective clients in your funnel is ….

It's not rocket science, it is simply by offering..  something of value for free  it could be a report,  manifesto  white paper  a free audio recording  access to a power point presentation n invite to a telephone conference or webinar  a free consultation  free trial download of software In order to do this though you […]

Conference Call with Steve Backley for Pac Sports Training

I hosted a conference Call with Steve Backley, yesterday. it was 20 minutes long and Steve answered some very interesting questions and gave an excellent insight into the life of an elite athlete. A conference call is an excellent low cost way of connecting with your clients and prospects and by recording the call you […]