Getting Paid to train – securing a position as an intern

By Gavin • April 2nd, 2012


We often get requests from students or those with an interest in sports nutrition, they say it is their passion and it is what they want to do for the rest of their life etc.  It's great that they have found something that they are interested in and are passionate about. 

Getting a job in that field and turning it into a full time income is something else.

Often these people just fire out a duplicated message, with just the name at the top of the block of text changed.
Often no reference is made to the expert, the field in which the expert operates or anything.

The message is all about what they want from the EXPERT and what the expert can give to the intern, instead of what they the intern can bring to the table.

If you are seeking a position as an intern and you don't have the cash to pay for an internship then.


Here are some skills that would be useful to any sports professional that you way want to target.

Social Media  – You may be a whizz on Facebook or Twitter. You might be ale to help the professional grow his list of followers.

Research – Every sports professional needs to keep up with the latest research, if you like research and are good at it then you  could assist an expert in this area.

Power Point – Take information and format it into a power point presentation

Article Writing – Write and rewrite articles

Editing – Often we are writing books and new content these need proofing and editing

Identifying sites for guest posts – There are many sites where it would be advantageous to have a guest blog post


Alternatively follow the story below from a well known internet marketer Ed Dale, who shares a story of how you can become a expert in the internet marketing field..


Ed tells the story of how he got started in marketing and a lot of this can apply to a carrer in sports.

I did not have a stellar start to my entrepreneurial career. I left college after attending a couple of classes in a two year period and decided to run a Motor Sport Magazine.


There's a variation of an old joke I often tell – “How do you make a small fortune?”

“Start with a large fortune and publish a magazine” [1]

Trouble was, I didn't start with a large fortune.

Long story short, that little exercise left me with a pile of debt to pay off.

The first job I took was selling advertising at local newspaper in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne.

I hated it. Consequently, I wasn't good at it either!

After stressing myself out of my head. I had a stunning revelation.

“Hey Genius! Why don't you sell something you love!”


OK at this stage you may have decided that it's sports nutrition
or strength and conditioning, watever your what is.
lets get back to Ed



This will come as an astounding shock to you, but the thing I loved more than anything was Apple Computers and the Macintosh.

I know, so surprising.

So, instead of waiting for a job opportunity to arise, I wrote a letter (In hindsight, probably my first sales letter!) offering to work for various Apple resellers for free and sent it attached to a bottle of wine. A week later I was employed at Business Computers Of Australia. [2]

Long story short – I sold boat loads of Mac's, I loved them, I could sell them, I was having fun.

Which brings me to “Getting Paid To Train”.

Here's the thing.

You want to get started in your chosen field of sport whether it be nutrition, strength and conditioning it doesn't really matter.

Get a job (or make a Job) doing some sort of marketing, admin or promotions.


And here's the thing.

Rather than working in something in a completely different direction “working for the man”. You are getting paid to do something that will directly help your future online business!

I know it's totally against guru school laws to encourage you to get/make a job instead of striking out on your own and “Burn The Ships” .

I'm not a big fan of “Burning The Ships”

Be The Outsourcer, Be The Virtual Assistant, Be The Consultant

Hear the tearing sound, it's my self-help membership ticket being torn up. While you're learning, do the work for someone else, learn your trade. People have been learning “On The Job”[3] for centuries. 

The Fallacy Of The Miracle Moment

After seven years of The Challenge and my mentoring practice. I've realised something else…

The idea that becomes your ticket to transition – from job to captain of your own ship – does not come before you start the work. It comes out of doing the work. The fact you're getting paid to do it gives you the incentive to turn up and practice every day.

Light bulb moments happen in movies.

In the real world the best ideas sneak up on you after you are FRUSTRATED. You get frustrated by working the system, actively searching for an answer seemingly out of reach. It's the build of genuine frustration thats gets your subconscious on the job.

This is not “Woo-Woo” stuff. This is Hard Science.[4]

You do not become an Aikido expert by sitting in the parents section of the dojo, you have to get on the mat and do the basic moves thousands upon thousands of times.

You need to learn our trade. Actually, scratch that, you need to practice our trade. it's the actual build up of energy and frustration through effort that will give you your breakthrough.

It's that simple, It's that hard.


PS This week I did a webinar on my absolute favourite way to “Get Paid to Train” – Caro McCourtie tells a very personal story about how a business disaster caused a crisis – and how she used the “Paid To Train” method to get her self out of it.




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