SEO Search Engine Optimisation Intern


Learning how to do SEO is a valuable skill in todays market place. If you know this you can always find a way to earn a  few quid in between jobs and or projects if you are a student or you can even turn it into a full time income.

The deal is I will teach you how to optimise sites and get them ranking well for pre-determined keywords. You will work learning the process on a number of different types of sites.

Brand New Sites right the way through to Older established domains.

You will have your own brand new site that you will own that can be in an area that is of interest to you if you like .  If it is in an area of interest to me I will have the option to purchase the site at the end of your Internship for £500.

There will be opportunites to earn income during your internship as many of the sites that I work with have affiliate programs so if sales end up coming from the sites you are working on you will get paid the money for that work.


Your First Assignment

Throughout this process it's important that you are able to read instructions and follow them. If you have any questions feel free to ask them. Don't ask me stuff like ' Can you tell me a bit more about the Internship'

Your first assignment is to tell me a bit more about yourself and why this appeals to you, you can create a quick youtube video if you really want to impress me LOL. just make sure you title it SEO Intern Video and you put into the description.

Let me know if you are interested in any particular areas of sport ( you don't have to be). If you are I can match you up better in some of my projects.
What your plan is? Do you want to learn SEO for yourself for your own business,
Do you want to get a job as an SEO consultant?
Do you want to set yourself up as an SEO Consultant.

Send the info to webmaster at and I will send you the first section that explains on page SEO.

When we get to the stage where you have your own  2 sites that you will be working on, each task will take a few hours. At the moment I'll give you a week to complete each task, if you don't complete the tasks then that will be it, in the words of Alan Sugar 'You'll be fired' and you wont even have got into the boardroom. 

It's just  that I dont have hundreds of sites for you to be working on and a bit like someone waiting in line for a Kidney Donor you'll have to go so that the next person can have your sites to work on.

Ok so send me your info I'll look forward to receiving it.