Four Week Fat Loss Sales PageIf you've already got a product, how you position it and the story you tell about the product makes a massive difference in the amount of sales that you produce. There is a science/art about writing compelling words and creating  stories to sell products online.

 Its not good enough to just say here is my product give me £47 and I'll give you my knowledge. It might work if you are a global superstar like Muhammad Ali or Tiger Woods but for the average athlete or high profile sports coach
you need to be more compelling.

Once someone comes to your site it's key to be able to capture their name and e-mail address so that you can give them something for free and  more importantly you can carry on sending information to them by automatic messages (autoresponders)  to build a relationship with them. Most often clients only end up getting their credit card out after between 7 and 10 times of reading your content or visiting your site.

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