Torpedo putting shaft shatters conventionial putting wisdom

By Gavin • May 11th, 2007
Torpedo Golf is a paradigm shift away from conventional thinking about putting.

 utilizing a "Floating Fulcrum" to trick the human neuromuscular system into putting with improved control of stroke path and more importantly, distance control.

Since most 3 putts are a result of poor distance control, control for distance is one of the single most important aspects of putting. The patent pending Torpedo Putter paradigm has been demonstrated in the laboratory setting to dramatically increase the sweet spot of off-centre strikes along with increased ball forward roll and dramatically improve the kinematics of the putting stroke.

Padraig Harrington has been testing the putter shaft for over six months, with Thursday 3rd May marking is debut on the USPGA Tour with its first competitive round of 24 putts and 6 under par… Wachovia Championship May 07  Please see attached article.

The shaft has three functions:

1) Increase the size of the sweet spot -(off-centre hits go as far as centre hits…)

2) Increases ball roll (no jumping or skidding on impact – irrespective of face design)

3) Increased resistance to rotational forces (the face stays straighter-limits the amount of face rotation during the backswing & through swing)

 The position of the weight is key to the whole project, enabling the hands to be passive during the stoke. Swing the grip and let the putter do the work for you. The weight reduces the need for the hands to become active during the putting

The shaft confirms to USGA & R&A standards and is applicable to all putters, straight shafts, single or double bend. 

We at Torpedo Golf & Quintic believe we have a product that is going to be very revolutionary in the golf business.

The science behind the shaft is compelling and with the favourable reactions of European Tour Players that have recently tested the torpedo putting shaft with their favoured putting heads.  The future looks bright for this revelotionary putting shaft.


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